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Custom Cakes

Custom Cakes


We do custom cakes! Birthdays, Anniversaries, a Tuesday 😉

Before any order is placed, please reach out to us to lock down a date and time you want these so we can make sure we are free to make them for you!

Cake photos are some of our favorite orders we have done for customers!

Message us today and we can get a custom cake order for you!

Cakes start at about $80 and go up from there depending on size, flavor, filling and decor!

Almost any flavor you can think of!

Some of our favorites are:

Strawberry with Strawberry or Vanilla Buttercream

Oreos and Cream

Lemon Poppyseed


Raspberry with Raspberry or Vanilla Buttercream


Chocolate with Chocolate Buttercream


Chocolate with Peanut Butter Buttercream

Piñata Cake (Sprinkles/Surprise in the center)


***We also have Gluten Free and Vegan Options!

Custom Cake prices depend on the size of the cake and how many layers or tiers are chosen. Message us today and we can get an order going for you!

We can even make custom Cake/Cupcake Toppers for your special day!

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